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Train For Excellence Primary English
| Authors: Winnie Lum | Suitable for P.1 to P.6 students | Total 12 Volume |

978-962-8831-77-1 (1A)
978-962-8938-83-6 (1B)

| Publishing Date: 2006 | 請參閱最新價目表 |


We believe each of our 12 Books (for Primary 1 to 6) absolutely:

1. Provides you indispensable vocabulary support which makes the content language-rich;
2. Offers you plenty of chances to refresh your learned knowledge, be they in grammar or usage;
3. Presents through authentic language which helps students practise English Language exercises in an interesting way;
4. Presents themselves through innovative tasks and games you can savour every day;
5. Goes in line with the latest CDC Primary English Language Curriculum Guide (2004)
6. Illustrates ideas by colourful pictures and pleasant page designs;

7. Consolidates students' learning by web-based activities and listening.


Many more advantages are waiting for you to discover. Don't wait until the train is late!

Web-based Activities