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| Authors: Dominic Ng, Kenny Kwan & Simon Lee |

Suitable for S.1 to S.3 students

BK1 978-962-8938-97-1
BK2 978-962-8938-98-8
BK3 978-962-8938-99-5

| Publishing Date: 2010 | 請參閱最新價目表 |

21st Century English in Life

"21st Century English in Life" is a three-volume series English grammar book for junior secondary students. The series is designed not only for supplementary exercises but also for self-learning. Through the content and exercises, we sincerely hope this series can help students learn English in a systematic way and boost their confidence in using English.

The main features of the series are as follows:

* Ample tailor-made exercises for practice.
* Detailed revision notes are provided for revision and reference.
* Plenty of contextual exercises are given to help students learn English in their daily life.
* Attractive drawings throughout to arouse students' interest.
* Some check points are prepared to remind the essence of each grammatical topic.
* Extended activities and a TSA mock paper are provided to enhance students' English reading ability and daily application skills.

For those teachers who adopted this series as exercise book in school course will receive a set of login and password to enter the following web page:

Soft copies of suggested answers and revision tests can be downloaded from this web page.