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Computer and I.T. Enrichment Series Booklet
| Authors: Kwok Chi Man & Yeung Pui Shan|
| Suitable for From 1 to From 3 students | Total 5 Volume |

978-962-8938-26-1 (Photoimpact ) 978-962-8938-27-8 (Dreamweaver)
978-962-8938-28-5 (Flash) 978-962-8938-29-2 (Multimedia)
978-962-8938-52-0 (Video Editing Application)

| Publishing Date: 2006 | 請參閱最新價目表 |

(1) Multimedia Application Booklet
(2) PhotoImpact Booklet
(3) Dreamweaver Booklet
(4) Flash Booklet

Authors: Raymond Tong, Kwok Chi Man & Yeung Pui Shan
Publishing date: 2006
Publishing price: HK$25.00/cp

(5) Video Editing Application Booklet (With Karaoke Songs Creating Methods)

Authors:Apricot Information Technology Ltd & Raymond Tong
Publishing date: 2007
Publishing price: $299 (Bundle with CrazyTalk 4.0)

Computer and I.T. Enrichment Series (5 Vols)

"Computer and I.T. Enrichment Series" is a supplement to the "Journey of Computer Literacy for Secondary Schools". The series consists of different kinds of booklets including: PhotoImpact Booklet, Dreamweaver Booklet, Flash Booklet, Multimedia Application Booklet and Video Editing Application Booklet. By using different types of contents and class activities, students can learn how to use the software properly.

The contents of the series are presented in clearly-written text and eye-catching figures. Software demonstrations are provided to facilitate teachers’ class teaching and students’ self-learning. Activities are provided in the "Activity Window" and "Practical Exercises" to encourage students to use the technique learnt in an integrated manner, and to allow students to develop creativity and problem-solving skills. As for the project at the end, it is provided to reinforce and evaluate students' learning.

The software demonstrations and the useful files of the series are provided in the Teacher's Web Page of the web site Teachers can access such materials if needed.